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So you're building your data-driven application and you've got an ADO.NET Entity Model that represents an abstraction around your database. Maybe you're even pretty savvy and you've used inheritance and some filters to enhance the entity model so that it really is an entity model and not just a raw translation of your database schema into objects. One thing that I have noticed is that in a lot of sample code, a lot of utility functions end up being put in inefficient locations because people forget that the entity model is a partial class. This means that you can extend the model with your own properties and methods. For example, what if you want to implement a keyword search throughout your entity model and you know that you will probably have multiple entry points in your application utilize that search function. You could probably create a class called EntityToo... (more)

Why Is iPhone Better? Here's My Story...

If you take a look at the success of the Nintendo Wii, you'll see an innovative device with an incredibly compelling user interaction design (the Wiimote, nunchuck, steering wheels, fitness pads, etc). The device itself has what the industry might actually refer to as "last gen" hardware. The video card is weak relative to the PS3 and Xbox 360, it doesn't come with built-in LAN (though you can buy a LAN/USB adapter for it), it has less memory and less processor power than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Yet, despite these so-called deficiencies, everybody seems to love their Wii, and it's ... (more)

Live Mesh or Windows Azure?

One of the biggest problems about this year's PDC is the sheer volume of new stuff that has been unleashed upon us. Some clickbaiters like Joe Wilcox are in "Bash Microsoft" mode and are calling the Azure platform "vaporware" (yes, despite the fact that we've been able to actually build AND DEPLOY Azure apps since Tuesday), but a lot of people have genuine concerns like "What's the difference between all these new cloud stacks?!?" That's a perfectly valid question and so the first comparison I'm going to address here is Live Mesh and Windows Azure. Technical Differences between ... (more)

Windows Vista Beta 2 - Redeeming Qualities

Windows Vista Beta 2 - Redeeming Qualities The first, and my favorite, redeeming quality about Windows Vista is the File Explorer breadcrumb. This new feature allows me to see exactly where I am within the hierarchy of the file system. Windows XP "sort of" has this - you can turn on an option that lets you see the full folder path. The difference is that you can interact independently with each folder in the hierarchy. For example, if you are looking at an Explorer window for C:\Program Files\Test, you can click the down arrow next to "Program Files" and get a list of sub-folders... (more)

Will Silverlight Be DOA?

Kevin Hoffman's Blog Lately there seems to be a lot of buzz around the whole Flex, Flash, Apollo environment for creating extremely powerful, cross-platform RIAs (Rich Interactive Application). In the interest of fairness and objectivity, I've been reserving judgement until I got a chance to really play more with Flex. Likewise, I hadn't really made any judgements about WPF/E yet, either. So, when I read today that Microsoft had changed the name of WPF/E to Silverlight, I got a little excited. Why? Because by changing that name, it sounded a little bit like Microsoft had finally d... (more)