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The current rage is all about community building and social software, especially using the Internet (I refuse to call it the web) as the backbone for such community building. I think devices like the Wii represent the next step in social software. If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you probably know that one of my interests is Web 2.0 and social software. I find the concept fascinating and I've been absorbing everything related to Web 2.0 like a sponge. You may also know that lately I've been dissapointed with the so-called Web 2.0 offerings that have been appearing lately. Its gotten so bad that the Web 2.0 look and feel has become a satired cliche, and you can even generate "Web 2.0" company and product logos on the web using a simple formula. When the innovation represented by the initial drive into Web 2.0 can be canned into a photo re-touching a... (more)

Why Is iPhone Better? Here's My Story...

If you take a look at the success of the Nintendo Wii, you'll see an innovative device with an incredibly compelling user interaction design (the Wiimote, nunchuck, steering wheels, fitness pads, etc). The device itself has what the industry might actually refer to as "last gen" hardware. The video card is weak relative to the PS3 and Xbox 360, it doesn't come with built-in LAN (though you can buy a LAN/USB adapter for it), it has less memory and less processor power than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Yet, despite these so-called deficiencies, everybody seems to love their Wii, and it's ... (more)

Time to Build iPhone Applications Using Web 2.0 Technologies!

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I was sitting down the other night contemplating what I was going to do for a good sample iPhone application when I realized, I'm not just building an iPhone application anymore. That's right - I'm actually building applications that work on the iPod Touch as well. Seriously, let's run this down bullet-style: iPod touch comes with Wi-Fi access iPhone comes with Wi-Fi access and EDGEiPod touch comes with Safari iPhone comes with SafariiPod touch has multi-touch interface, which includes tapping, pinching and flicking iPhone has multi-touch interface So, for th... (more)

Windows Vista Beta 2 - Redeeming Qualities

Windows Vista Beta 2 - Redeeming Qualities The first, and my favorite, redeeming quality about Windows Vista is the File Explorer breadcrumb. This new feature allows me to see exactly where I am within the hierarchy of the file system. Windows XP "sort of" has this - you can turn on an option that lets you see the full folder path. The difference is that you can interact independently with each folder in the hierarchy. For example, if you are looking at an Explorer window for C:\Program Files\Test, you can click the down arrow next to "Program Files" and get a list of sub-folders... (more)

Installing Orcas Beta 1 with VMware Style Virtualization

Kevin Hoffman's Blog In the past, I have downloaded the behemoth Virtual PC images that Microsoft provides for the Orcas CTPs. When I was confronted with the choice of whether I wanted to download the Orcas image (which is a 5.3GB dual-layer DVD image) or whether I wanted to download the Virtual PC image (which I think is 8 gargantuan files, and must also download the base image, also over 1GB) I decided to download the DVD image. Here's where it got interesting. I started poking around for installation instructions and I found all kinds of complaints about how bad the installat... (more)