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First, go read his blog post. I think we'd all be able to stomach the lack of SDK if Apple gave us the impression that they were working on it. Instead of throwing the AJAX pacifier at us and saying "Sweet.", they could have simply said that they were working on a real SDK and that AJAX would be a good temporary fix. Everyone understands how difficult it is to make an SDK that is secure, stable, reliable, and won't cause programmer-introduced bugs to reflect poorly on Apple. They could have made it, as Wil suggests, that you could void the warranty on your phone in order to run third party code. This would be fine by me and I might actually go out and buy one of these things if I could get an SDK in exchange for no tech support. I've done a lot of development in the past for various incarnations of Windows Mobile, including Windows CE, and Windows Mobile 3.0 all the... (more)

Microsoft Silverlight is the Official Streaming Media Provider of the Emmy Awards!

Kevin Hoffman's Blog So, picture this situation. I'm sitting in my living room poking around catching up on news feeds and reading the latest of my favorite comic strips. In the background is one of those cheezy star-watching shows like Entertainment Tonight or whatever - I usually let those shows slip into the background as 'white noise' so imagine my surprise when my geeky sense (similar to spidey sense, only instead of warning me about impending danger, it alerts me to the presence of possible technology nearby!) starts tingling. "I must be going mad... I could've sworn that no... (more)

Thoughts on iPhone Hacking

Lately there's been a lot of buzz about the iPhone and people hacking it so that it can be used on different carriers and so that they can install third party apps (or possibly create their own) onto the phone itself. Apple has released a statement that indicates that when iPhones receive an update (I think next week), if the iPhone has been hacked and decoupled from AT&T, that the phone is going to turn into a pretty expensive brick. There are really two different kinds of hacking going on here. The first kind is where people use applications of varying degrees of difficulty (it'... (more)

iPhone News: Leopard Shipping October 26th

Kevin Hoffman's Blog The word on the rumor mill is that Mac OS X Leopard will be shipping on October 26th. While this is good news for some people, this is freaking great news for me. Why? Because after the 26th I will finally be able to do blog posts that contain information on Leopard, I'll be able to post code samples in Objective-C 2.0 and distribute the source code to them. So, in just around 10 days, I expect the floodgates to open and all the Cocoa blogs and sites will start dumping tons and tons of ridiculously cool Objective-C 2.0/Xcode 3.0 samples. The only problem for... (more)

Will Google's Android Sink or Swim?

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I've been poking around at some of the documentation for Google's Android project. I've seen a couple of the code samples, read through a lot of the SDK documentation and I've even checked out a couple of YouTube videos, including this one: I also highly recommend that you check out the 3 architecture videos that you can find on YouTube. One of the engineers on the Android project takes us on a detailed walkthrough of the architecture of the platform, how applications work, and even shows us how memory, processes, activities, and state are managed. So her... (more)